Hoejrup Foods

A Scandinavian agency

We are specialized in the scandinavian culture, and know how to behave and connect to the scandinavian customers. We have brought many international companies and scandinavian customers together

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Culture differences

Differences between people within any given nation or culture are much greater than differences between groups.



Upon agreement, we will introduce your products to the scandinavian market, and enhance your sales with scandinavian customers. We create strong customer relationships, so a long term cooperation between you and the customer will be preserved


Branding your product, will be one of our focus areas. This will increase the customers knowledge about your products, and will lead to directly and indirectly sales.

Logistic management

We will handle the administrative part of delivering products to the scandinavian customers, and make sure the logistics is handle accordingly to the customers expectations

About Us

We are an agency for international companies, upon agreement, will introduce you to the scandinavian market. We have many years of experience with the scandinavian market, and a wide knowledge about the scandinavian culture.

Since 2006

Hoejrup Foods has broad many international companies and scandinavian customers together.

Enhancing your sales in the nordic countries

Hoejrup Foods will be your entry point into the scandinavian market, with sales and branding increasing simultaneously

Contact info

  • Marianne V. Due
  • Sk√¶ppestien 16, 4030 Tune
  • +45 46 32 41 11
  • info@hoejrup-foods.dk

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